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Would you like to add linen backing to this poster?

Linen backing is an archival process in which a poster is affixed to a sheet of acid free paper and then backed with linen. A water soluble wheat paste is used making this method reversible, if necessary. This process helps to preserve the poster and ready it for framing by smoothing out any imperfections.

Some posters were sent folded from the printer to their destinations. Linen backing is particularly helpful in these cases as it greatly minimizes the folds. Linen backed posters will be shipped rolled. Unbacked posters will be shipped in their original condition, i.e. folded posters are shipped flat and rolled posters are shipped rolled.

The linen backing process takes approximately 10 days to complete. The price is determined based on the size of the poster.

Based on this poster's size of 41" x 27", linen backing will add $125 to the cost of this poster.

Yes, please linen back this poster. No, do not include linen backing.