Chisholm Larsson Gallery: CL15975 La Maschera di Frankenstein [x] close
Poster ID: CL15975
Original Title: La Maschera di Frankenstein
English Title: The Curse of Frankenstein
Designer: Luigi Martinati
Year of Poster: 1950s
Category: Movies
Genre: horror
Actor/Artist/Director: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Hazel Court, Robert Urquhart, Melvyn Hayes, dir. Terence Fisher
Studio: Hammer
Country of Poster: Italian
Country of Film: British
Size: 55 x 39 inches = 140 x 99 cm
Condition: Good
Price: $1800
Available: Yes
Notes: 1957 film based on the novel by Mary Shelley. This film was Hammer's first colour horror film, and the first of their Frankenstein series. Its worldwide success led to several sequels, and established "Hammer Horror" as a distinctive brand of Gothic cinema (wiki).
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