Chisholm Larsson Gallery: CL2211 S.F. Cody, Inventor of the War Kite [x] close
Poster ID: CL2211
Original Title: S.F. Cody, Inventor of the War Kite
Year of Poster: 1890s
Category: Theatrical/Entertainer
Country of Poster: American
Size: 30 x 20 inches = 76 x 51 cm
Condition: Very Good
Price: $900
Available: Yes
Notes: The American Samuel Franklin Cody was a pioneer of early aviation. As a boy he was born and raised in Texas. He spent his youth living the life of the cowboy, catching and training wild horses and buffalo hunting.
After spending some time gold prospecting and touring with a Wild West Show he decided to settle in England in 1890.
Printed Allen & Son , Belfast
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