Chisholm Larsson Gallery: CL29870 Orage, L' (by Alexander Ostrovsky) [x] close
Poster ID: CL29870
Original Title: Orage, L' (by Alexander Ostrovsky)
English Title: The Storm / Thunderstorm
Designer: C. Popoff
Year of Poster: 1930s
Category: Movies
Actor/Artist/Director: Alla Tarasova, Ivan Chuvelyov, Mikhail Tsaryov, Varvara Massalitinova, dir. Vladimir Petrov
Country of Poster: French
Country of Film: Russian
Size: 63 x 94 inches = 160 x 239 cm
Condition: Very Good
Price: $2000
Available: Yes
Notes: From a play by Alexander Ostrovsky 1934 "In 1934 the soviet sound film entered its best period which was to last until the war.....some of the year's major productions were based on classics..... STORM, made by Vladimir Petrov, one of the newer Leningrad directors, was the best." SOVIET CINEMA by Thorold Dickinson & Caterine De La Roche
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