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Poster ID: CL32900
Original Title: A Rat's Mass (La Mama) 1976 - Procession in Shout - Adrienne Kennedy - Cecil Taylor
Year of Poster: 1970s
Category: Music/Jazz
Actor/Artist/Director: Adrienne Kennedy , Cecil Taylor
Country of Poster: American
Size: 33 x 24 inches = 84 x 61 cm
Condition: Excellent
Price: $180
Available: Yes
Notes: Mr. Taylor, now 87, is primarily known for avant-garde jazz piano but has explored various forms of art throughout his career. Cecil Taylor is the latest jazz great to take over a museum space. The Whitney Museum of American Art will turn over its fifth floor to his work next month for a 10-day retrospective, “Open Plan: Cecil Taylor,” that will include concerts, listening sessions, archival videos, scores and poetry.
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