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Poster ID: CL45760
Original Title: Traite du Hasard, Le
English Title: The Treaty of Chance
Year of Poster: 1990s
Category: Movies
Actor/Artist/Director: Eliane Pine Carringhton, Nini Crepon, Laurent Chemda, Bruno Anthony de Trigance, Yvan de Bregeot, dir. Patrick Mimouni
Studio: CNC
Country of Poster: French
Country of Film: French
Size: 63 x 47 inches = 160 x 119 cm
Condition: Excellent
Price: $160
Available: Yes
Notes: photo: Pierre & Gilles Blurring the gap between biography and fiction, THE TREATY OF CHANCE inhabits an entirely queer world, focusing on a group of friends approaching middle-age, the nature of their survival in the face of AIDS, and the complex fluidity of their relationships. Director Patrick Mimouni stars as a filmmaker (also called Patrick) who, like his oldest friend and sometime lover, Bruno, has avoided the virus. 'Dykess' Lou Rockerfeller III and the sexy young Julien are not so lucky, though in metaphor that is typical of the film's humor, Julien continually mistakes AZT for Ecstasy! Littered with Firbankian bon mots
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