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Poster ID: CL50133
Original Title: Travels with My Aunt (large size)
English Title: Travels with My Aunt (large size)
Year of Poster: 1970s
Category: Movies
Actor/Artist/Director: Maggie Smith, Alec McCowen, Lou Gosset, Robert Stephens, Cindy Williams, Robert Flemyng, dir. George Cukor
Studio: MGM
Country of Poster: American
Country of Film: American
Size: 81 x 41 inches = 206 x 104 cm
Condition: Very Good
Price: $390
Available: Yes
Notes: also available: one size 41x27in.=104x69cm. in good condition, $275
Graham Greene called Travels with My Aunt 'the only book I ever wrote purely for fun.' The spirit of laughter, enjoyment, and entertainment flows freely throughout the story, in a manner rather uncharacteristic of this ordinarily cynical and sharp-tongued wr iter. Frequently likened by readers and critics to the lively, celebratory Mame!, the romping globe-trotting tale of Henry Pulling--a middle-aged English bachelor awakened to the possibilities of his own life by none other than his septuagenarian aunt--h as captured the imagination of all who encounter it.
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