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Poster ID: CL51254
Original Title: Uncle Scam Wants You! - Penthouse ( Reagan & Ayatollah Khomeini )
Designer: Ori Hofmekler
Year of Poster: 1980s
Category: Newspapers, Books, Magazines and Comics
Country of Poster: American
Size: 45 x 30 inches = 114 x 76 cm
Condition: Excellent
Price: $350
Available: Yes
Notes: Khomeini was an Iranian religious leader and politician, and leader of the 1979 Iranian Revolution which saw the overthrow of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran. Following the revolution, Khomeini became the country's Supreme Leader — a position created in the constitution as the highest ranking political and religious authority of the nation – until his death. He was named Man of the Year in 1979 by American newsmagazine TIME for his international influence and has been described as the "virtual face of Islam in Western popular culture."
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