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Poster ID: CL55970
Original Title: Night Must Fall
Year of Poster: 1960s
Category: Movies
Genre: thriller
Actor/Artist/Director: Albert Finney, Susan Hampshire, Mona Washbourne, dir. Karel Reisz
Studio: MGM
Country of Poster: American
Country of Film: British
Size: 41 x 27 inches = 104 x 69 cm
Condition: Very Good
Price: $180
Available: Yes
Notes: 1964 Based on the play by Emlyn Williams BRITAIN'S remarkable Albert Finney devotes himself to a strictly tour-de-force role in a remake of Robert Montgomery's old shocker, "Night Must Fall." It is that of a psychopathic murderer; and while the picture doesn't begin to compare to Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" in its generation of surprises and shocks, it is evidently aimed to be as scary, and Mr. Finney works hard to make it so.
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