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Poster ID: CL56868
Original Title: Romance in the Dark
Year of Poster: 1930s
Category: Movies
Genre: musical
Actor/Artist/Director: Gladys Swarthout, John Boles, John Barrymore, dir. H.C. Potter
Studio: Paramount
Country of Poster: American
Country of Film: American
Size: 41 x 27 inches = 104 x 69 cm
Condition: Very Good
Price: $390
Available: Yes
Notes: 1938 Gladys Swarthout (b. December 25, 1900, Deepwater, Missouri - d. July 7, 1969, Florence, Italy) was an American mezzo-soprano opera singer. Note: Various sources differ in the year of her birth, many indicate 1904, a few 1898, but her obituary and gravestone indicate 1900.
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