Chisholm Larsson Gallery: CL57370 No. 1364 - Нас венчали не в церкв… [x] close
Poster ID: CL57370
Original Title: No. 1364 - Нас венчали не в церкви
English Title: Nas venchali ne v tserkvi (We Were Not Crowned at Church)
Year of Poster: 1980s
Category: Movies
Genre: drama
Actor/Artist/Director: Aleksandr Galibin, Natalya Vavilova, Pyotr Velyaminov, dir. Boris Tokarev
Studio: Mosfilm
Country of Poster: Russian
Size: 25 x 17 inches = 64 x 43 cm
Condition: Very Good
Price: $270
Available: Yes
Notes: 1983
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