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Poster ID: CL57806
Original Title: Justice est Faite!
English Title: Baree, Son of Kazan ?
Designer: A. Magne
Year of Poster: 1920s
Category: Movies
Genre: drama
Actor/Artist/Director: Anita Stewart, Joseph Richson, Jack Curtis, dir. James Oliver Curwood, David Smith
Studio: Pathe Rural
Country of Poster: French
Country of Film: Canadian
Size: 48 x 32 inches = 122 x 81 cm
Condition: Very Good
Price: $700
Available: Yes
Notes: Baree, Son of Kazan; Vitagraph; 1925; based upon the novel by James Oliver Curwood; dir: David Smith; cast: Anita Stewart, Donald Keith, Jack Curtis, Joe Rickson. James Oliver "Jim" Curwood (June 12, 1878 – August 13, 1927) was an American action-adventure writer and conservationist. His books ranked among Publisher's Weekly top-ten best sellers in the United States in the early 1920s.
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