Chisholm Larsson Gallery: CL59116 Muchos Suenos por las Calles [x] close
Poster ID: CL59116
Original Title: Muchos Suenos por las Calles
English Title: Woman Trouble
Year of Poster: 1940s
Category: Movies
Genre: comedy
Actor/Artist/Director: Anna Magnani, Massimo Girotti, Checco Rissone, dir. Mario Camerini
Studio: Lux Film
Country of Poster: Argentinean
Country of Film: Italian
Size: 43 x 29 inches = 109 x 74 cm
Condition: Fair
Price: $330
Available: Yes
Notes: 1948 "Molti sogni per le strade" "That wonderful Anna Magnani, who has justly established her fame as the most dynamic individual performer in post-war Italian films, proves that comedy, rich and rambunctious, is also within her range in the surprisingly bright Italian picture, "Woman Toruble," which opened at the Little Cine Met yesterday." NYTimes 1949
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