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Nixon's the One (1)
Poster ID: CL15676
Category: Political/Protest
Designer: Shelly Roseman / Harry Hamburg
Year: 1960s
Country: American
Approximate Size 42 x 30 inches
Condition: Very Good
Price: $450

1960's Anti-Nixon parody poster making fun of his famous campaign slogan "Nixon's the One". Like a similar image of a white blonde carefree pregnant lady, this one instead shows a dubious black woman who seems to say "Nixon's the One... not only responsible for this pregnancy... but the one who left me to fend for myself." A criticism of Nixon's Southern Strategy stoking racist sentiments during his election. Political prankster Dick Tuck is generally regarded as the originator of the visual prank (what might now be called a meme) as it is claimed he hired pregnant women to parade around Nixon's rallies while wearing the slogan.

Keywords: Anti Nixon,satire,Pregnant,Political,Black interest,Black and white,photography,Shelly Roseman / Harry Hamburg