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English Title: Khovanshchina
Poster ID: CL2214
Category: Movies
Year: 1950s
Actor / Director: Mark Reizen, Aleksei Krivchenya, Anton Grigoryev, dir. Vera Stroyeva
Film Studio: Mosfilm
Country: Russian
Size 33 x 24 inches
Condition: Very Good
Price: $300

One of the least attractive characters in all of opera is Prince Andrei in Modest Mussorgsky's Khovanschina. Here is a guy who is clearly sexually obsessive-compulsive but without the charm and complexity of Don Giovanni. He dumps his saintly fiance to chase after another skirt. She doesn't want him so he tries to take her by force. He is unconcerned with all the revolution and killing about him, even his father's, annoys the whole of society and never changes his selfish, boorish behaviour, even when being consumed by flames in the last act.