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Sangre Negra - Native Son
English Title: Native Son
Poster ID: CL27932
Category: Movies
Designer: Romu L Zappa
Year: 1950s
Actor / Director: Richard Wright, Jean Wallace, Gloria Madison, Nicholas Joy, Ruth Robert, dir. Pierre Chenal
Film Studio: Sono Films
Country: Argentinean
Film Country: Argentinean
Size 43 x 29 inches
Condition: Very Good
Price: $450

1951 Argentinean poster for the original film based on Richard Wright's classic novel. Native Son (1951), also known as Sangre negra, is a black-and-white Argentine film directed by the French filmmaker Pierre Chenal and starring the author Richard Wright himself in the role of Bigger Thomas.

Keywords: Drama,Black Interest,African American History,Black writers,Black history,Literary Movies,Romu L Zappa