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Grosse Wende, Die
English Title: The Turning Point or Strategy at Stalingrad
Poster ID: CL28670
Category: Movies
Designer: Geffers
Year: 1940s
Actor / Director: Mikhail Derzhavin, Pyotr Andriyevsky, Andrei Abrikosov, Yuri Tolubeyev, Aleksandr Zrazhevsky, dir. Fridrikh Ermler
Film Studio: Lenfilm
Country: German
Film Country: Russian
Size 41 x 27 inches
Condition: Very Good
Price: $1000

Winner at Cannes Film Festival 1946
Strategy at Stalingrad or the Turning Point, scenario by Boris Chirskov, directed by Frederick Elmer. A Russian film produced by the Lenfilm Studios, Leningrad, USSR, and released in the US by Artinko Pictures.