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Premiers Jeux Africains - Film Officiel - Brazzaville
English Title: All-Africa Games
Poster ID: CL38158
Category: Movies
Year: 1960s
Film Studio: Havas-Congo
Country: French
Film Country: Congolese
Size 47 x 32 inches
Condition: Very Good
Price: $400

1965. Delightful Graphics and Wonderful Piece of History. 29 African nations competed in the Games, comprising of 2,500 athletes, mostly competing in track and field events, but there was also football (soccer). Note that the idea of having an Olympic type event solely for Africa was first proposed in 1925, but the idea was shot down by the international Olympics committee (which was controlled by Europeans), because they feared it might help unite the colonial African nations and cause them to seek freedom from their mostly European overseers (wiki).