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Chisholm Larsson Gallery | Original Vintage Posters | CL38679: Ruth St. Denis (2)

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Ruth St. Denis (2)

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Poster ID: CL38679
Category: Theatrical/Ballet and Dance

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Year: 1910s

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Country: American
Size 39 x 27 inches
Condition: Fair
Price: $830

Poster mounted on heavy board
In 1914 St. Denis married Ted Shawn, one of her dance partners, and the next year they founded the Denishawn dance school and company in Los Angeles. Among St. Denis? students were future dance pioneers Martha Graham, Doris Humphreys, and Charles Weidman. St. Denis? choreographic style broadened to include group numbers occasionally derived from Occidental as well as Oriental sources. Among her choreographic innovations was "music visualization", a style that called for movement equivalents to the timbres, dynamics, rhythm, and structural shapes of music.