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Philips Television (2)
Poster ID: CL39977
Category: Product/Radio, Phonograph and Television
Designer: A.M. Cassandre
Year: 1950s
Country: French
Size 17 x 12 inches
Condition: Excellent

1951 This image only existed three ways, and was never printed in a full poster version. One way was an in store display, (printer Smeets, Weert.) and the other was "reproduced" in a book exclusively for the Philips company's 100th anniversary. The image that Philips used in their book, was "borrowed" from a promotional book of the original printer who originally created this image. The book is titled "Smeets," and is an oversized, wire bound book. This image here is removed from a copy of that book. That Smeets book is included in this purchase, less this one image of course, which is offered up here for sale.