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Chisholm Larsson Gallery | Original Vintage Posters | CL44472: Narodni Divadlo - Orfeus - Gluck

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Narodni Divadlo - Orfeus - Gluck

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Poster ID: CL44472
Category: Music/Opera

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Year: 1960s

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Country: Czech
Size 33 x 24 inches
Condition: Very Good
Price: $440

The composer, Christoph Willbald Gluck (1714-1787), was one of music's true revolutionaries. He changed the character of opera from a vehicle for florid showpieces for vocalists to a drama in which the music illuminated and made a partnership with the text. Gluck's three revolutionary operas, Orpheo, Alceste, and Paris and Helena were written in Vienna from 1762-1770 in close collaboration with the liberettist, Ranieri d'Calabigi, in one of the most eventful collaborations in music history. Of these three operas, the best-known by far is Orpheo and Euridice,first written in 1762.