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Bud Light - Be Yourself Budweiser
Poster ID: CL56274
Category: Food and Drink/Beer
Designer: Joe Phillips
Year: 2000s
Country: American
Approximate Size 12 x 12 inches
Condition: Very Good
Price: $150

2003 Campaign. "Bud Light used the "Be Yourself" theme since 1998 for a number of years, with images such as a Bud Light bottle decked out in rainbow beads, sunglasses and a stovepipe hat. In early 1996, the company began running a campaign with the line, "Labels belong on beer, not people," in national gay magazines and has had a presence ever since... In 2003 popular gay illustrator Joe Phillips illustrated the campaign showing people at parties." (Source: NOTE: Printed on both sides.

Keywords: Bottle,Tattoo,Gay interest,Budweiser,Baseball cap,couples,Joe Phillips