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Octopussy (James Bond)
English Title: Octopussy
Poster ID: CL5840
Category: Movies
Designer: Dan Goozee and Renato Casaro
Year: 1980s
Actor / Director: Roger Moore, Maud Adams, Louis Jourdan, Louis Jordan, Kristina Wayborn, Kabir Bedi, Vijay Amritaj, dir. John Glen
Film Studio: MGM
Country: French
Film Country: British
Size 63 x 47 inches
Condition: Very Good
Price: $250

1983 film based on the story by Ian Fleming. The artwork for Octopussy was created by two different artist: The version used in the US was by Dan Goozee. The rest of the world used artwork by Renato Casaro in combination with the figures created by Goozee. Casaro was asked to create a wide action scene montage around the figures created by Goozee to accommodate the landscape/ quad format in the UK.

Keywords: Spy,Ian Fleming,Secret service,Guns,Turban,India,Elephant,Dan Goozee and Renato Casaro