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a blue poster with white text
Einstein on the Beach - The Metropolitian Opera House - November 21, 1976 - Philip Glass
Poster ID: CL69766
Category: Music/Opera
Designer: Richard Landry
Year: 1970s
Actor / Director: Robert Wilson, Philip Glass, Lucinda Childs
Country: American
Approximate Size 40 x 20 inches
Condition: Very Good
Price: $400

Rare and important piece of cultural history. "The opera contains writings by Christopher Knowles, Samuel M. Johnson and Lucinda Childs. It is Glass's first and longest opera score, taking approximately five hours in full performance without intermission; given the length, the audience is permitted to enter and leave as desired" Wikipedia After this Met debut in 1976, it received this summation from New York Times critic Clive Barnes: "I have rarely heard a first-night audience respond so vociferously at the Metropolitan Opera House as for this bizarre, occasionally boring, yet always intermittently beautiful theater piece." "Einstein on the Beach was revolutionary when first performed and is now considered one of the most remarkable performance works of our time. "

Keywords: music,classical,opera,composers,dance,Lucinda Childs,ballet,Richard Landry