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Mastergate - Criterion Center (Window Card)
Poster ID: CL70860
Category: Theatrical/Stage and Plays
Designer: Gill
Year: 1980s
Actor / Director: William Cain, dir. Michael Engler
Country: American
Approximate Size 22 x 14 inches
Condition: Very Good
Price: $125

1989. Mastergate is a play by Larry Gelbart, which he describes as "A Play On Words". The title refers to a fictional political scandal enacted on "Master Pictures Studios", a fictional movie company that is actually a cover for arms trading. The title of the play also references other real-life political scandals, such as Watergate and others subsequently given the suffix -gate. (Wikipedia)

Keywords: capitol,political,nixon,broadway,off broadway,Capitol building,white house,satire,politics,scandals,Gill