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No. 1829 - армия трясогузки (Armiya 'Tryasoguzki' )
English Title: Wagtails Army
Poster ID: CL77181
Category: Movies
Year: 1960s
Actor / Director: Viktor Kholmogorov, Yuri Korzhov, Aivars Galvinsh, Gunars Cilinskis, Ivan Kuznetsov, Viktor Plyut, Aleksey Alekseev, dir. Aleksandrs Leimanis
Film Studio: Rigas Kinostudija
Country: Russian
Film Country: Russian
Size 21 x 31 inches
Condition: Good
Price: $150

1964 Russian Movie Poster. The civil war in Russia, guerrillas fighting with Kolchak formations. As a result of sabotage, an accident with white Russian train takes place. In the disaster area a flag with the inscription "Wagtail's Army" is found. Kolchak commanders think that they are Bolsheviks, but the guerrilla leader does not know anything. It turns out that this is work of three boys. (IMDB) A wagtail is a kind of small bird.

Keywords: Horizontal,Horizontals,Soviet Union,Submarine