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The Play About the Baby - Century Center (Window Card)
Poster ID: CL78292
Category: Theatrical/Stage and Plays
Designer: Brian Cronin
Year: 1990s
Actor / Director: Written by Edward Albee, Brian Murray and Marian Seldes, dir. David Esbjornson
Country: American
Approximate Size 22 x 14 inches
Condition: Very Good

2001. "Although Baby was rumored to be a sequel to Albee's most revered work, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, where an imaginary son is discussed, the four-character play is not a continuation of that storyline. Instead, it tells of a young couple who appear to have just had a child, only to find that illusion challenged by the arrival of an older man and woman. The old couple, possibly incarnations of God or the devil, but described as real people and representing a real threat, take away the young couple's child and, with it, steal their innocence." (Source: Playbill) Great bizarre show logo image by Irish born illustrator Brian Cronin.

Keywords: Stage Plays,Off Broadway,Theatrical,Drama,Brian Cronin