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Po 2385 - Не Работай Без Защитных Приспособлений
English Title: Do Not Work Without Protective Devices
Poster ID: CL81569
Category: Political/Russian
Designer: D. I. Agayan
Year: 1980s
Country: Russian
Size 22 x 17 inches
Condition: Good
Price: $225

1986 Russian work safety poster. Safety precautions for maintenance and vehicles - Moscow, "TRANSPORT" 1986 series. Approved by the Labor Protection Department of the Central Committee of the Trade Union of Road Transport and Highway Workers. NOTE: Folds as pictured.

Keywords: health,machines,public safety,worker safety,circular saw,russian work safety posters,rsafe,saws,fingers,workers,accidents,accident prevention,abstract,hands,surreal,cut,D. I. Agayan