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RAR - Rock Against Racism - May 1, 1982 Central Park NYC
Poster ID: CL82318
Category: Music/Festival
Designer: Dana Franzen
Year: 1980s
Actor / Director: Bratles, Dizzazz, Earth Revival, El Futuro, Konk, Kraut, Pe De Boi, Sang Won Park, Serious Bizness, Rev. Herbert Daughtry
Country: American
Size 23 x 12 inches
Condition: Good
Price: $300

1982 Central Park, NYC music concert with a variety of performers and bands condemning racism. Organized by: Asian-Americans for Equality, Black United Front, Black Veterans for Social Justice, Deacons for Defense, International Committee Against Racism, New York Coalition Against Registration & the Draft, Progressive Student Network, University of the Streets, and Youth International Party (NYC).

Keywords: Political,concert posters,political justice,demonstrations,liberty,guitars,statue of liberty,american flag,protesting racism in America,social justice,Dana Franzen