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London OZ Magazine No 24. Oct/Nov 1969 (with Honeybunch Kaminski Poster Insert)
Poster ID: CL84679
Category: Newspapers, Books, Magazines and Comics
Designer: Robert Crumb
Year: 1960s
Country: British
Approximate Size 36 x 20 inches
Condition: Very Good
Price: $250

Poster insert is approx: 36"x20". Magazine size is approx: 12"x10". POSTER INSERT IS DOUBLE SIDED. BOTH SIDES ARE PICTURED BUT IT IS ONLY ONE POSTER! London OZ Magazine No 24. Oct/Nov 1969 Beautiful Freaks including "Honeybunch Kaminski" poster with anti-Oz articles from the People [7/9/69] & a rebuttal from the Guardian [10/9/69] on the reverse). Articles and content: Welcome to the OZ Freak Show by Ian Channell. Marcia Herscovitz interviews herself. Urological Nurturement by John Ivor Golding. Gilbert Shelton Freak Brothers strip. Lee Heater. Danae on Rufus Collins and the Living Theatre. Anthony Haden-Guest on Bruce, a freak. I Agree with your Tactics But I Dont Know about Your Goals - extracts from Jerry Rubins Do It! 1+ page John and Yoko photomontage. Dr Hip Ocrates. Mr Orgone - Interview with Ilse Reich about Wilhelm. The Rolling Stones Through the Past, Darkly advert. The Navy Lark. Mozic and the Revolution by Germaine Greer. Harvest records ad. LP album reviews: The Kinks, John Mayall and Steve Miller. The Beatles Come Together - Abbey Road/John Lennon interview by Miles. Back cover advert (girl in IOW festival crowd) for LP record by Free.

Keywords: Magazine,Publication,Freaks,Acid,Drugs,counter culture,political,anti-censorship,Robert Crumb