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1936 18 de Julio 1937
English Title: 1936 July 18 1937
Poster ID: CL87757
Category: Political/Spanish Civil War
Designer: José Bardasano
Year: 1930s
Approximate Size 39 x 27 inches
Condition: Very Good
Condition Note: This poster is already on archival linenbacking.
Price: $3200

c. 1937 Soviet Communist Solidarity/ Republican Spain/ Spanish Civil War poster. On July 18, 1936, Spanish troops began an uprising that led to the Spanish Civil War, often recognized as a prelude to World War II. "The artist, José Bardasano (1910-1979), was the child of Madrid working-class parents. A largely self-taught artist, the young Bardasano was working as an artistic director in an advertising agency when war broke out in 1936. Already a member of the communist-controlled JSU (Juventud Socialista Unificada), Bardasano immediately established a workshop with two colleagues and produced numerous propaganda prints and posters for the Communist Party. In 1937, Bardasano and his wife, the artist, Juana Francisca, moved to Valencia, where they continued to produce propaganda posters. At the end of the war, Bardasano and Francisca spent some time in a French concentration camp, after which they took exile in Mexico. Here Bardasano formed the Mexican Fine Arts Circle with a number of other Civil War exiles and Mexican nationals. In 1960, he returned to Madrid." -UC San Diego/ UC Regents 1998

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