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Tribute to The XX Anniversary of The ICAIC by Nicolas Guillen
Poster ID: CL88246
Category: Political/Other
Designer: Alfredo Rostgaard
Year: 1970s
Country: Cuban
Approximate Size 20 x 29 inches
Condition: Very Good

Translation of the poem: Problems of Underdevelopment

Monsieur Dupont Calls You Uncultured, Because You Don't Know Who Victor Hugo's Favorite Grandson Was. Mr. Müller Has Started Shouting, Because You Don't Know the (exact) Day Bismarck Died. Your Friend Mr. Smith, English or Yankee, I Don't Know, Rebels when You Write Shell. (it Seems You Skip an "e," and Besides, You Pronounce It "chel.") Well, so What? when It's Your Turn, Tell Them to Say Cacarajicara, and Where Aconcagua Is, and Who Sucre Was, and Where on This Planet Marti Died. One Favor, Have Them Always Speak to You in Spanish. Nicolas Guillen Tribute to The XX Anniversary of The ICAIC Latin American News Program (AB Union of Writers)

Keywords: Cuba,Alfredo Rostgaard