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Egyptian Movie Poster No. 369 - Ĥamam al-Malaṯily - An Egyptian Tragedy
English Title: An Egyptian Tragedy / Malaṯily Bathhouse
Poster ID: CL88864
Category: Movies
Year: 1970s
Actor / Director: Huda Sultan, Salah Zulfikar, Husain Reyadh, Aminah Rizq, dir. Mahmoud Zulfikar
Country: Egyptian
Film Country: Egyptian
Approximate Size 39 x 28 inches
Condition: Very Good
Price: $100

Malaṯily Bathhouse (Arabic: حمام الملاطيلي "Ĥamam al-Malaṯily") is a 1973 Egyptian film directed by Salah Abu Seif. The main actors are Shams al-Baroudi and Yusuf Shåban. It is adapted from a novel by Ismåeel Walieddin. PLOT: Ahmed (Muhammad Al-Araby) from Ismalia comes to Cairo looking for work. Promise of richness is really far from reality of life. Ahmed falls in love with Naeema, a prostitute. And then there is Raouf Bey who is gay and falls in love with him. (IMDb)

Keywords: couple,kiss,Gay interest